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About the Artist

Diane DonatoBride’s Interview with Diane

How long have you been doing what you do and how did you get to be an Invitation Designer?

I have been interested in art since I was a about seven years old. Arts and Crafts have always been my passion. I have studied everything from painting to cake decorating. As I got older it seemed that becoming a Wedding and Event Consultant would allow me to use my talents, so I studied with Association of Certified Wedding Professionals and got my certification. I started Starglow Events and did consulting work for a time.

After throwing a shower for my friend and seeing that a guest who attended the shower framed my hand painted invitation as a gift, I began to see that invitations can be considered art. I had been making greeting cards for fun so making the invitations to the shower seemed like a natural for me. That same guest came to me when her son could not find wedding invitations in Chicago with a lighthouse on them. I did the wedding invitations and realized the need for custom invitations. An operation on my foot made if difficult for me to provide the Day Of Service portion of my wedding consulting business because of the 12 hour days on my feet. So I changed the business to focus on wedding stationery even though I still give advice on planning to my clients if they need assistance.

We love your portfolio. Everything sounds great. So, can you tell me how you’re different from the competition?

I think the fact that I was a wedding consultant makes my perspective very different. I have experienced more weddings that most people get invited to attend. Because of this, I feel very strongly about the wedding needing personal and unique touches that reflect the couple’s personality. If you don’t personalize the wedding in some way, it becomes what we call “cookie cutter”. It seems just like all the others. It becomes unmemorable and it blends in with all the other weddings the guests have attended. If you consider all the time, energy and cost that goes into planning a wedding, why would anyone want it to become unmemorable?

The wedding stationery is one aspect of the wedding where you have the opportunity to create something unique and it is saved in scrapbooks as a keepsake of the wedding for years. It is also makes the first impression for the guests and they are your first chance to build excitement and set the tone of the event. So, they better be special.

As far as the designs themselves, I think every artist has their own style which comes through in their work. Even though all good invitation designers are working with their clients’ requests, the interpretation is always different. The hand painted line definitely is one of kind because even another artist’s work will not look like mine.

This all sounds so wonderful. But, it also seems expensive. Are we going to be able to afford this?

The very nature of custom work brings with it varying costs. There are different price ranges due to the materials and printing methods. If you are on a tight budget, let us know so we can suggest invitations or any other stationery items that will fit your needs. We do accept credit cards and the stationery work can be paid for in stages as the work progresses.

I have a few more questions before getting started. Can I call or e-mail you to discuss this further?

Yes. If you have questions about how the process works it is described on the FAQ’s page. If you have other questions then it is best to e-mail me and here is the contact page.