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How Does the Pricing Work?

Because the invitations are custom, the price varies due to quantity, design, paper selection, embellishments and time.

Wedding Invitation Pricing – typically runs anywhere from $5.00 to $9.00. There are many options that fall in the mid range. Pricing is given to clients before they place any orders so they are fully aware of the cost. Pricing on other wedding pieces such as programs, menus, table markers, seating cards, vary widely. Pricing is provided once the invitation is selected in order to coordinate all the pieces.

Invitations for other events – can vary from $3.50 upwards. Anything from a postcard to invitation with insert cards can be designed.

All invitations come fully assembled.

If you really want a custom invitation but MUST stay in a budget then please let me know. Many times I can design a piece that will stay within your budget if you share that information .

How Do We Get Started?

If you would like us to work on your invitation contact us with the information regarding your event and we will discuss your needs. If you live in the Chicagoland area and would like to visit our West Chicago suburban studio, we can arrange for a consultation. If you do not live in the Chicago area we can converse by e-mail or phone.

After our initial consultation, we create a design proposal for you with pricing and suggestions of invitation styles. If you would like us to proceed, we will require a $75 non-refundable design fee for graphic design invitations and $100 for hand painted invitations to begin the process — this fee is applied towards your order total if you place the order with us. It is non-refundable if you choose not to order. We will send you an e-mail with our design concept with either graphics or a hand sketch of the design.

Once you provide us with feedback from the design concept and we finalize what you would like, we send you an order form to sign detailing your order. We will also require 50% payment of the total invitation order. This allows us to reserve time to create your invitation, and begin ordering materials. The deposit is applied towards your total. Once the deposit is received, work on your order can begin. Digital proofs of the invitation will be sent until you are satisfied with the design. Insert cards are designed after the invitation design is selected.

Once we have your okay on the proofs, we will begin production.  All remaining balances must be paid before we ship the invitations or release them for pick up.

Are There Minimum Orders?

Yes, at least 10 invitations. This number accommodates even small showers and parties.

What is Your Lead Time?

My availability varies. It is best to contact me with your event date and let me check my schedule. In general, the more time you allow me to design a project the better.  For weddings, I would suggest contacting me about 4 months ahead but I have been able to accommodate some rush orders .Please understand that rush orders require quicker approval of proofs.

How Do I Determine Quantity?

This is the #1 problem I see in Wedding Invitation orders. You need to take the number of guests you are inviting and figure a little more than half. This is because married couples and couples who are residing together get only 1 invitation. However, single guests also get 1 invitation that is why you need to figure more than half. If you are inviting a lot of singles then I would increase the amount. The best thing to do is prepare your list before you place the order to know exactly how many you need and then order a few extra.

The quantity you order must be in groups of 10.

Where Are the Inner Envelopes?

I guess I was “green” before it was popular. If you look at the history of the inner envelope it dates back to when the butler would open and remove the outer envelope for his employers. Since I don’t believe that is necessary, I eliminated them. You will see I have eliminated the RSVP envelope as well. I can show you how to address the outer envelope properly when using only one envelope.

What Type of Printing Do You Offer?

Color Laser and Digital Press

Do You Proofread?

Proofreading is the responsibility of the client. Yes, sometimes I do catch things as I am working and will point them out but the ultimate responsibility belongs to the client. That is why the client is given proofs to approve everything.

What return date should I use on the RSVP cards?

My advice is to give yourself plenty of time. You need to know the headcount to order favors and place the final food order. You also need time to make the seating arrangement. I would suggest at least 3-4 weeks.

How do I determine postage?

The best thing to do is to take a finished invitation to the post office and let them tell you its postage. If we determine that you would like Starglow to design a custom stamp for you I can check on the proper postage before uploading the design. I would also recommend visiting the post office during off hours and asking them to hand cancel the postage. This means that not only will the stamp look better but the entire envelope will show fewer markings.