Maps for Wedding Invitations

Here is an example of a map I just did for Zenab & Ron’s wedding invitation. They are getting married at Tivoli Too! in Laguna Beach, California, a banquet facility that owns three complexes all within the same area. Although Ron thought I could just take the map from Tivoli’s website, it did not work for us. Website maps are often done at a very low resolution and in this case we were concerned about the fuzziness especially being printed on metallic paper. Also the website map was done in brown and blue which did not match the colors of the invitation that was various shades of purple. The website map also showed stars at all three facilities with similar names making it somewhat confusing to guests who might be driving and trying to read the map quickly. I redrew the map only showing the star at the exact facility that Zenab & Ron are getting married at to avoid confusion. The map was printed in black and gray matching the ink colors used on the reception card. When we take the time to draw a map we can customize what you want the map to show and also make sure the resolution and color are what you need!

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